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Budapest, gem of a city

A Feel to do it!

Hungary, it's Europe at its most exotic possible, unbelievable mixture of all styles and treasure troves, from medieval town houses and schools to baroque churches and Roman ruins, Art Nouveau and even more, it goes further than just stunning. It has always been one step or two ahead , there is no other country making dishes like this or keeping traditions in so natural way as Hungary does. Don't think that only Budapest has to offer all those hidden goods, every traveller has its own favorite place in country, which they keep visiting, as having fear it would crumble and disappear.

Still, Budapest is the pearl of the country, it's a gem of a city, with Buda hills to the west and to the east with Great Plain, with Danube River flowing through, representing two different characters of the city. A fairy tale. Budapest is often called Little Paris of Middle Europe, and it has earned this status , with 1000 year culture all around it, the form and style Budapest has, reflects sparkling mixture of Roman occupation and Ottoman Empire that ruled in here, plus the union with Austria...

Historical castles, medieval streets and houses, caves and museums, flea markets, old bookstores, antique coffee houses, in few words, Budapest has plenty beautiful things to offer, from museums to art galleries. The highlight is definitely the Castle District , that's a nerve center of Budapest's history, with a ground level called Watertown, all the area is the center of the city, restaurants and the most important museums and monuments of the capital.

Another beauty and goal in this magnificent country is their taking waters from supplies since togas were all the rage, in total from 300 thermal springs. And they keep doing that for medicinal and recreational purposes, it has changed a little bit of course. But it's still a great place, for local gossip and for elders to rejuvenate and catch up, relaxing and beautiful Turkish bathhouses and sanatoriums. Everything has been modernized of course, you will experience organically-shaped pools that bubble and squirt, with diverse temperatures, countless wellness centers, it's a great place for families, group of friends or lovers.

There are thousands of reasons to fall in love with Budapest, for lovers, the views from the bridges will be breathtaking, rickety trolleybuses that stroll through the traffic jam, welcoming people and very difficult language to learn, but hey, who said it's impossible? Once you love, you can do anything, and I guarantee , you will love this city and country.


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